About “Painted Smiles; Written Words”

“Painted Smiles; Written Words” began out of frustration.

I’ve never been that into comics. Not the syndicated kind, anyway. There were too many: too many authors, too many takes on cannon, too many things happening at the same time. Not to mention, shelling out that 3.99 every time a new issue comes out? No thanks. But graphic novels- those long comic books, collected volumes, one shots, miniseries, whatever… Those are something I could get behind. It started with The Crow, (or perhaps Demonology 101), but whatever started it, I’ve become increasingly addicted to graphic novels.

But I quickly became frustrated.

For one thing, the general public- as well as the English Literature community- still views Graphic Novels and Comics as childish. And to be honest, it’s hard arguing in their defense against a classroom of fellow students that simply don’t want to hear it. But I still honestly believe that there is real, credible value in some Graphic Novels, perhaps even moreso than in other forms of literature. Where other forms of literature simply have the art of prose, Graphic Novels require both powerful stories and beautiful artwork to be compelling.

The other reason I became frustrated was because I could find no comprehensive list for what I was looking for. Non-syndicated graphic novels of real value that were both interesting and good. Books good for both the person who’s first stepping into the comic-pool, and those who have been swimming in it for years. Stories that could hold their own against classic literature, with artwork that was profound and moving. I wanted more Graphic Literature, and the internet was failing me.

And thus, “Painted Smiles; Written Words” was born. (If you’re still reading this you must be very interested.) A place for me to rant about the values of the graphic novels I have read, and give others interested in a medium some suggested reading- if, of course, they share my taste.

Painted Smiles; Written Words (hopefully) updates with new reviews every Monday, with other little goodies thrown in throughout the week.

About the Author

Zachary G. is not a pirate, a ninja, or a cowboy.

In his free time he daydreams about Zombie Outbreak Survival tactics. He used to think that this was rather unique until he went to college and realized this is what lots of guys his age do. However he still prides himself in being in the top 25% of people who take it seriously.

He goes to a small university outside of Philly where he is majoring in English. He wants to write for a journal one day, but really wants to write young adult novels, but really hopes he can open up a small bookstore/coffee/tea shop so he can drink all the steamed milk he wants. He’ll probably just end up living in a cardboard box outside of Starbucks.

He is your average hipster/indie/scene/emo/XC-runner-with-a-mustache/sometimes-radio-host college kid who grew up in several suburban towns throughout the country.

He currently has 2 piercings and no tattoos.


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