Short Film: Lazy Teenage Superheroes

This morning StumbleUpon introduced me to another awesome find: Lazy Teenage Superheroes.

According to Blastr, this thirteen-minute short film was made for $300 bucks, and they describe it as a combination between “Scott Pilgrim” and “Heroes”.  And that’s pretty much what you get.

The story stars Tyler, a non-powered nobody as he moves in with his three friends– a telikinetic psychic, a Hulk-like, superhealing tank, and an electrokinetic playboy. Together they sort of fight crime while taking part in their typical teenage slacker antics. Overall it’s pretty darn funny and entertaining, and the special effects are well done for the budget. It’s a well-done short film that shows you don’t have to be a Hollywood hotshot to get stuff done.

Check it out:

I’m a big fan of webseries, and I would definitely watch this if they turned it into one.  According to Michael Ashton, creator of the short film, there are plans for more episodes, so I’ll be looking forward to it.


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