And Finally, PS;WW Returns

Listen, I know. Things were said. You yelled, I yelled, it’s over now. It’s in the past. I’m sorry about the vase I threw. But I’m finally ready to tell you exactly WHY I have been putting off giving you comics for so very, very long.

It’s because I’ve been making my own.

Yes, Zachary G has been writing and creating his very own comic, which will be made available to you complete (complete with crappy, crappy scans) after the jump!

The comic was made for my Uni’s Honor’s College program, in which students have to do an intensive project complete with Mentor and everything. And for mine, I chose an obvious passion: comics. So I went and made one. For my mentor, I had the honor of the opportunity to turn to Jamar Nicholas, resident Art Director, cartoonist, and creator of Detective Boogaloo and plenty of comic blogs. Not to mention he knows Bryan Lee O’Malley, a fact that nearly made me faint. So in any case, a big thank you to him.
Also a big thank you to Mr. Michael of Music For Misanthropes, the costar of my comic. (The other one being myself.)

There we are! Look at us! Aren't we adorable?

There we are! Look at us! Aren't we adorable?

So cute.

But the comic deals largely with our out uncomfortable, awkwardness, and with some serious situations, so I thank Bolton for letting me make it.

And so that’s what’s been taking up all of my time for the past few months. Expect real updates to start happening again real soon, now that I’ve got more free time to talk about comics. And hopefully, I’ll be able to work on some other comic projects with less stress and less of a time constraint. All in all, I think this was a pretty good first step into the world of comics- if I do say so myself.

And so, without further ado, I present to you the complete, albeit poorly scanned, “On Light and Dark”.

And if you’re interested, I’ve made quite a few print copies. So if you want a hard copy, well, just let me know.


2 Responses to And Finally, PS;WW Returns

  1. alisahathaway says:

    1. You refer to Arcadia as your “Uni” and it made me smile and simultaneously hate you.
    2. You and Bolton are not cute on any level. Congratulations.
    3. The comic is sick-nasty-awesome.

  2. O-liv says:


    Looks like you’ve been busy. I read it all, but I would love a copy of my own. That is, f you have any left by the time you come home. Pretty please?

    You know what would be awesome… if you drew all of us crazy people you call your friends. Not an entire comic even, but just something fun like that. I really enjoy your portrayal of yourself and Bolton. The ID panels were great. Dang accurate, I tell you.

    By the way, I miss you. And I hope that the presentation of this went well and your work was appreciated. You should be sharing this stuff with the world. So please continue to do so.

    This post also allowed me to forgive you a little bit for ABSOLUTELY SUCKING at updating!

    Love. =)

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