Humblest Apologies from your Honored Host

I would like to express my deepest, and humblest apologies for being so tardy in my update. After being a whole day late last week, I swore I would not make the same mistake and HERE I AM being even worse than last week. Really, a whole three days late? This is ridiculous.

Really though, I have a long list of excuses.
My first excuse is that I am deathly ill with a devil cough. I am probably going to hack up a lung soon, at which point there will probably be no updates again ever.
My second excuse is that I have a lot of school work going on right now.
My third excuse is that, over the weekend, ninjas attacked my family. For the past few days I’ve been hunting down every member of the Night Scorpion Clan to avenge their deaths. Have you ever hunted ninjas? It’s very time consuming.

There you have it. Those are my true, honest-ta-gawd excuses. Accept them with my most humblest apologies, for I am not worthy of your readership. Nonetheless, I promise no more! I shall not fail you next week, I assure you. I just have to decide what to review and STICK WITH IT.

In other news, Scott Pilgrim Vol 5 has been out for a week now. If you don’t, you should get it, and why hasn’t Amazon shipped it to me yet? Raging.

Your Honored Host,
Zachary G.


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