Webcomic: That’s Inhuman!

I just couldn’t wait for Monday to post my first review, so I figured that, in the meantime, I’d show you guys a new and upcoming webcomic that I’m going to be keeping an eye on for sure.

It’s called “That’s Inhuman”, by Ty Halley. The site itself has not been up for very long, and the webcomic is basically at it’s birth as of yet. The comic is updated every weekday, and so far there are only seven comics up. (Which would make it a week old, yes?) It centers around the zombie Gordon and the robot Karloff as they try to fit into human society. The four-panel comics featuring the duo have been entertaining, but to be honest they’re not why I’m interested in following the site. The reason I really care about watching where this is going is that in addition to webcomics, the two also star in sitcom-esque animated episodes.

So far, only one episode has been put up. The site declares: “Webcomics every weekday! Episodes every so often!”, though Ty mentions in the info page working out a schedule once he figures out how much work and time an average episode requires. I’m a sucker for good animation though, and was instantly impressed with the smooth and sharp animation. Even more impressive, this cartoon genuinely made me laugh. The characters are very lifelike, and their dialogue is so fluid (especially for being voiced by only one guy). Even when it’s not, I love when dialogue sounds improved, and as the two bicker and try to speak over one another you really get that feeling. The episodes calls on pop culture and internet memes without beating you over the head with them, and it’s all very well done.

I highly recommend checking out the first episode. The comics and episodes are rife with potential, and I’m sure there will be more of even greater quality as the series progresses and the creator falls into the groove.

That’s Inhuman – Check it out!


Monday the 22 “That’s Inhuman” underwent a big revamp of the site, in which the first large comic and the several smaller comics were all taken down. The flash animation episode was also taken down for a while, but it’s now back up. It now updates with large, three panel comics in the comic section which show promise. I’ll be continuing keeping an eye on this site.


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