A Greeting From Your Honored Host

Welcome to Painted Smiles; Written Words, the blog for (among other things) Graphic Novel  reviews and discussion. If you believe that there is value in the art and literature of the Graphic Novel, and if you’re looking for some suggested reading, I invite you to stay a while.

The first review will be up Monday night, if all goes well, and shall hopefully set a precedent for weekly updates every Monday. That is not to say that there won’t be other little things throughout the week: quick, random talking points, links to webcomics I feel the need to share, and the like. Whatever tickles my fancy, really. (What a creepy, creepy phrase that is.)

In any case, I do so very much hope I see you again soon. I look forward to getting that first review to you Monday: anyone who loves a good read should love to share it. Or, you know. Force it upon their friends and aqcuaintances.

-Zachary G.


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